The girl behind PrepOfTheSouth.com

Hi there! Welcome to prepofthesouth.com. I’m Alexandra and well, this is my blog. To whom it may interest, here’s a bit about my crazy life.

Fast Facts:

Home State: Florida

College: The University of Virginia

Current Major: Chemistry (Pre-Med)

Goal in Life: To lead a life filled with love

Favorite Song: Dancing in the Moonlight by Kings Harvest

Blogging Goals: To make my reader’s smile

If we’re being frank, PrepOfTheSouth was started out of sheer boredom. Over time, it became something that I’ve found so much joy and happiness in. Reading emails from subscribers and hearing their stories of how PrepOfTheSouth has influenced their life brings the biggest smile to my face. (I’m not joking. I’m that creepy lady sitting at Starbucks grinning goofily at her laptop screen.) My only hope for this blog is that it helps bring an extra ray of sunshine into your life. (Cheesy? Yes. Truthful? Also yes.)

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